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The Reader - In Depth Analysis of Novel

The Reader - In Depth Analysis of Novel


Complete in-depth literary analysis of the novel 'The Reader' by Bernhard Schlink, including analysis of:

  • Characterisation
  • Character relationships
  • Context
  • Main Themes
  • and more....


"Key Moments" have been selected from the novel which are rich in literary analysis and are good to incorporate or discuss within your essays. Important quotes have been selected which can then be memorise to include within your paper 2 examination.



  • Due to the notes being a digital download there is a STRICT NO REFUND POLICY
  • Please DO NOT digitally SHARE or REPOST these notes once purchased 
  • Price is in AUD - Due to conversion rates this price may vary depending on your country’s currency
  • Once purchased, a link will be avaliable to download the notes. Additionally, an email will be sent with a link valid for 30 days.
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