Topic 16 Chemical Kinetics HL Revision Booklet

Topic 16 Chemical Kinetics HL Revision Booklet

  • IBDP Chemistry HL Revision Notebooks

    Complete set of IBDP SL&HL Chemistry Revision Notebooks.


    • Summary Notes
    • Formulas
    • Examples of Questions


    SL Topics:

    Topic 1: Stoichiometric Relationships

    Topic 2: Atomic Structure

    Topic 3: Periodicity

    Topic 4: Chemical Bonding and Structure 

    Topic 5: Energetics and Thermochemistry

    Topic 6: Chemical Kinetics

    Topic 7: Equilibrium

    Topic 8: Acids and Bases

    Topic 9: Redox Processes

    Topic 10: Organic Chemistry

    Topic 11: Measurement and Data Processing


    HL Topics:

    Topic 12: Atomic Structure

    Topic 13: The Periodic Table - transition metals

    Topic 14: Chemical Bonding and Structure

    Topic 15: Energetics and Thermochemistry

    Topic 16: Chemical Kinetics

    Topic 17: Equilibrium

    Topic 18: Acids and Bases

    Topic 19: Redox Processes

    Topic 20: Organic Chemistry

    Topic 21: Measurement and Analysis



  • Topic 16 HL Revision Booklet

    Topic 16 Chemical Kinetics HL


    Notes written according to IB Chemistry Guide with example questions included.

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