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Economics Paper 1 Essays SL

Economics Paper 1 Essays SL


5 years worth of IB Economics SL Past Paper Question Responses for Paper 1 written by grade 7 students. These essays are intended to guide your exam revision by providing a means by which you are able to grasp a better understanding of what to include in Paper 1 responses and how to structure them. The following years are included:



  • N16 (SL)
  • M16 TZ1 (SL)
  • M16 TZ2 (SL)
  • N15 (SL)
  • M15 TZ1 (SL)
  • M15 TZ2 (SL)
  • M13 TZ1 (SL)



  • M17 TZ1 (SL)
  • N16 (SL)
  • M16 TZ1 ( SL)
  • M16 (SL)
  • M15 TZ1 ( SL)
  • M15 TZ2 (SL)
  • M13 TZ1 (SL)


*All essays in this pack were written by IB students Alicia Wong and Mitchell McLinton for revision purposes.


DISCLAMER: All rights go to the owner of images used.



  • Due to the notes being a digital download there is a STRICT NO REFUND POLICY
  • Please DO NOTdigitally SHARE or REPOST these notes once purchased 
  • Price is in AUD - Due to conversion rates this price may vary depending on your country’s currency
  • Once purchased, a link will be avaliable to download the notes. Additionally, an email will be sent with a link valid for 30 days.
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