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HL/SL Chemistry Detailed Notes by Topic

HL/SL Chemistry Detailed Notes by Topic


469 pages of IB Chemistry Notes that includes the Core Topics (1-11), Additional Higher Level Topics (12-21) and Option B - Biochemistry.


These notes were written over the course of two years after each topic was learnt. The notes are quite in depth and detailed regarding each topic, inlcuding worked solutions at attempt ThinkIB questions. They are perfect to use as a resource to guide your revision as you make your own summary notes.



  • Due to the notes being a digital download there is a STRICT NO REFUND POLICY
  • Please DO NOT digitally SHARE or REPOST these notes once purchased 
  • Price is in AUD - Due to conversion rates this price may vary depending on your country’s currency
  • Once purchased, a link will be avaliable to download the notes. Additionally, an email will be sent with a link valid for 30 days.




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