About Me

Hi guys! It's Alicia from studycollab. I have created this website with the hope of providing current or upcoming IB students with some help in terms of revision as well as the programme in general. I am now an IB graduate from the November 2018 session who achieved a 45!

On this website, you will find a range of revision notes that I have written myself (for the subjects I took), along with some of my own tips that I have discovered whilst I was undergoing the course. I took the following higher level subjects: English A Language and Literature, Economics and Chemistry, and the following standard level subjects: Biology, Mathematics and Chinese B. These notes and tips helped me to achieve a strong 7 (~90+) in all of the above subjects.

I hope that the resources on this website are able to help you in some away achieve the best you can in the IB.

Good luck and all the best! - Alicia 💙